Dear Customers,

We are sorry to inform you that PanoEdit is discontinued in its current form due to compelling circumstances. We hope that the tech behind PanoEdit will be used in a new application that will be released once it is ready. Thank all of you for using our application and for your very useful comments that helped to greately improve the application.

PanoEdit, an advanced and easy to use panorama stitching software for Mac. You will create beautiful panoramas using its automatic image alignment, state-of-the-art rendering algorithms and an interactive projection editor!


Making a panoramic photo with PanoEdit:

  1. Take overlapping photos by rotating your camera.
  2. Load to PanoEdit and click "Match All".
  3. Save a seamless panorama.


A review from the UK Mac App Store:

A must have photo editing app ★★★★★

by UKmacnut - Version 1.6 - Nov 25, 2012

Having stiched together a few scenes this year I have to say I'm very impressed. Photographers shouldn't be put off by the simple interface because underneath is a powerful tool. It does the job quickly, and well. It will suit the casual user as well as the advanced user. Well done to this app's author.

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